Moody Preset Pack

The Moody Presets are perfect for the babe who desires the effortlessly cool, moody look to their photos. Instant edge without the fuss and a welcome nod to vintage film photos. This pack includes 5 Lightroom Presets to help you achieve your desired edit.

 What's Included: 

♡ Mobile + Desktop Files
♡ Easy editing in just one click!
♡ Use on the free Lightroom mobile app
♡ Compatible with both iPhone + Android
♡ Pay once, use forever
♡ Easy Installation Guide
Only one minute to install on mobile or desktop!
♡ Technical Support Access

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hamed Rezazadeh
Amazing presets that change your game

I am so happy I bought these presets! It totally changed my instagram look and feel and upped my game to a whole other level! I definitely leveled up! I used to struggle to get all the highlights and lowlight right of my pictures. I also couldn't get the tones and colours right. This made my life so much easier. Everytime I end with the perfect picture! Thank you Kelsey for creating this ♡

Bren MC
I am in love

These presets are so beautiful.
They give my feed a moody brown aesthetic that i love.
I only need to make some adjustment for every photo but they are absolutly what i was looking for.

Kristin VanDeusen
Love the drama of the moody presets

The moody presets give my photos just right amount of intensity and drama I’m looking for. Love them!!!

Awesome Preset!

I love the Moody Preset! It makes my pictures look incredible--another hit from Kelsey!

Taylor Trevino
Moody is so satisfying

I have almost all of Kelsey’s presets and love every one of them! This particular set can make any picture look professional! It even worked on dark pictures. I highly recommend her presets and do not use anyone else’s anymore! The picture below is using Moody 4!


I love using the moody presets for photos that came out too bright. Usually something that's taken during the day when the sun is at its harshest. It levels everything and makes it look a lot more professional.


For some photos, this preset only gives a very subtle change, which makes nevertheless a huge difference! It just adds this professional touch to your photos.


The moody presets were the first ones I bought, and I especially loved how the presets look on my photos of buildings and architecture! The photos always look so sleek and it makes all the small details stand out. It gives the photos such a nice classic feel as well. So I would especially recommend these presets for anyone who likes photographing beautiful architecture! :)