Master Collection & Lifetime Access

This discounted collection includes:
18 x Preset Packs – 90 Presets in total 
Gold + Interior + Beige + Spring + Summer + Abode + Dusk + Wave + Lush + City + Pink + Cool + Moody + Aussie + Ibiza + Paris + Autumn + Christmas
Total value = £255 ♡ You save £175 

You will also get lifetime access, which means you'll automatically get any new Preset Pack releases for FREE. How does this work? Any time I release a new Preset Pack, you'll automatically receive an email with a download link – at no extra cost. 

 What's Included: 

♡ Total of 85 Lightroom Presets & Video Filters
♡ Mobile + Desktop Files
♡ Easy editing in just one click!
♡ Use on the free Lightroom mobile app
♡ Compatible with both iPhone + Android
♡ Pay once, use forever
♡ Easy Installation Guide
Only one minute to install on mobile or desktop!
♡ Technical Support Access

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sophia Chen
Perfect for editing

I purchased the full package as I couldn’t decide and i love that i have many options to choose from! Love it! Would recommend

Adrijana Pehar

I love it!!💚💚💚


I purchased Kelsey's Master Collection when it went on sale last year and I have used nearly all of her collection! I love the Interior presets for interiors (obviously) and food shots! Beige is also a favorite for interiors, flowers, and pictures of my dogs. Also, selfies! The Autumn presets will make any photo look like a true fall! Christmas presets bring warmth and festiveness! Great for reds! I love the Ibizia presets for bright colorful images, and Paris presets for pretty, soft images. I particularly love Kelsey's presets because they don't usually need additional tweaking! Unlike presets I have used from others in the past, I just click a preset and am done! Saves me so much time!! Definitely recommend!