One click magic

Transform your feed

Edit your photos with easy to use Lightroom Presets - just like Instagram filters (but better!). Get a bright & airy edit in just one click, saving you time without compromising on quality.

How it works

1. Choose a Preset you love – after purchase, your download file will be sent to your email. Can't decide? Get a free trial now. Pay once and you can use your presets forever, on as many devices as you like.

2. Install your new Presets on the free Lightroom Mobile app (iPhone + Android) or on your computer. Install in just one minute with my easy to follow guide here

3. Edit your photos in one click! Open any photo in Lightroom and select a Preset for the magic to happen. Get professionally edited photos in just seconds!

Free Trial

Can't Decide?

Want to see how my presets look on your photo before you buy them? Can’t decide which preset will suit your feed? I offer a free trial so you can see how my presets will look on your photos before you purchase.

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