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Best presets EVER

Honestly I’m so happy I come across Kelsey’s Instagram page so I was able to purchase some of her amazing presets! Such a time saver! Would definitely recommend.
Have attached the RAW and EDIT below of an example

Aesthetic Collection
Santana Ridgell-Bomar

Im loving the presets I purchased. The website was easy to navigate and the process to upload them to adobe lightroom was so easy! Will be buying more :)

Beige Preset Pack
Andrea García Mejía

Excellent. Congrats.

Paris Preset Pack
Evangelia Filiou
Wonderful presets! 😍

I bought the Paris preset pack and I used it on many different photos. They look amazing! I'm happy with my purchase and I'd definitely buy more presets created by Kelsey!

Moody Preset Pack
Hamed Rezazadeh
Amazing presets that change your game

I am so happy I bought these presets! It totally changed my instagram look and feel and upped my game to a whole other level! I definitely leveled up! I used to struggle to get all the highlights and lowlight right of my pictures. I also couldn't get the tones and colours right. This made my life so much easier. Everytime I end with the perfect picture! Thank you Kelsey for creating this ♡

Just the thing I needed for my business

Love it all, especially the beige and interior presets. It’s made editing my pictures for my business account so easy - I can’t wait to transition my feed into preset edited goodness!

Sharp, Crisp, Autumnal Vibes

I love this preset. It makes my photos so bright and colourful, crisp and vibrant warm colours of yellow, red, browns and muted greens. Definitely bringing beautiful magical sunset vibes to your pictures - perfect for the autumn season.

Travel Collection
Regina Szabo


Interior + Abode Bundle
Tegan Bateman
Absolutely love these presets!

This has made marketing for my new business so much easier! Absolutely love these presets!

Interior + Abode Bundle
Brittany Rodriguez
Love these!

My favorite is Abode 5. I am a darker complexion and this works really well to make photos look bright and airy without dulling out my skin.

Aesthetic Collection

Colours Collection
Olivera Krnjajic
Love these presets!

Definitely worth it.

Essence of Spring

These presets are beautiful for the spring. Muted tones, bit of warmth, the colours are not too vibrant and saturated which truly capture the essence of spring. Looks absolutely gorgeous on cherry blossoms 🌸🌸 The lovely thing about Kelsey's presets is how cohesive they are. You can purchase any pack from her site and they will all flow and mix beautifully, keeping your feed consistent. Really aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I love that ^v^

Interior + Abode Bundle
Jasmine Nelson
Very helpful

Enjoying this preset bundle a ton! Definitely helps for a quick edit on my food pictures when I don’t want to spend lots of time manually editing :)

The Paris preset is amazing

Beautiful Paris preset! Please bring in some more natural presets! Xx

Interior Preset Pack
Jaimee Johnson
Awesome Presets!

I ordered the Interior presets because although it looks like I get decent sunlight in my apartment , my pics often come out darker! These look great, they were easy to purchase and the download instructions were simple.

Abode Preset Pack
So luminous

Easy to use

Aesthetic Collection
Georgia Andreou



Really happy with these presets. I’ve purchased presets from other companies in the past and they are usually disappointing. Kelsey’s Presets are perfect and easy to use.

Paris Preset Pack
Tanusree Ghosh
Best preset in the cheapest price you can get

I have 5 of Kelsey's presets, out of which Paris, Christmas and Autumn are my favourites. Also, she is very helpful.

Best Preset

So happy and satisfied with the preset. Now, all my photo look more brighter, beautiful and awesome.


I bought the interiors presets a few months ago and I love the warmth they give to my photos! Totally made editing so much easier!

Amazing customer service.

I asked a couple questions to Kelsey and her responses were very fast and accurate ! I had a trouble purchasing and she made customised coupon code for me. It is very easy to use the preset on light room app and it is stunning. Thank you very much.

Lighter reset

Could we have more presets that brighten the room and make them airy?

Travel Collection
Brigitte Burger
First time preset usage

Thank you I enjoyed using these presets.