Colours Collection

This discounted collection includes: 4 x Preset Packs
Pink + Gold + Cool + Moody
♡ Total of 20 Lightroom Presets
♡ You save £20 

 What's Included: 

♡ Mobile + Desktop Files
♡ Easy editing in just one click!
♡ Use on the free Lightroom mobile app
♡ Compatible with both iPhone + Android
♡ Pay once, use forever
♡ Easy Installation Guide
Only one minute to install on mobile or desktop!
♡ Technical Support Access

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Olivera Krnjajic
Love these presets!

Definitely worth it.

Amanda Hallsworth
Just the ticket

Fab presets. Just what my grid needed.

Alex B
Love love love

I recently downloaded the Colours bundle as I couldn’t decide on one to choose and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been using them for all of my pictures and they really transform them with minimal effort from me. Even just to brighten the imagery it’s so effective (I don’t have the best iPhone and it really makes them so much better!). Will purchase some more! I’ve included a mix of imagery I’ve edited with them, they look so much better and on an Instagram grid would be much more uniformed 😍

Paulina Kerner
Love Love Love

These where my first Presets and I immediately fell in Love! They are such an upgrade for my pictures and I love it not only on my IG feed but also on printed pictures!!

Transformed my feed 😍

I started using Kelseys presets 2 years ago and it drastically changed my feed, making every picture look beautiful but consistent. I got the colours pack originally and love the variety they offer, my favourite is the gold pack✨


I bought this pack last year and I’m still using it today. I absolutely love how easy it is to use for someone like me who isn’t a pro at using Lightroom. My 2 favorites of this pack are Pink and Gold, they give a perfect "chic" look to your photos and make it SO easy to have a nice Insta feed without having to try too hard :) Kelsey’s presets are the best !!


this pack can transform all sorts of images and turn it into a cohesive feed for instagram! i bought this pack so i had variety of options for my pictures and thats exactly what i have now. they are great value for money and ive definitely got my use out of them. i found them really easy to install into lightroom and having the option for both desktop and mobile presets means that they are accesible for everyone. and because they are for lightroom you can easily make little adjustments to your images to make it work for you when you're editing. basically i love these presets and they are defo worth the investment!!!


I have been following Kelsey on instagram for a while now and absolutely LOVE her feed. So I was thrilled when she announced she was releasing Lightroom presets. I've always wanted that beautiful, aesthetic blogger-esque feed you see on Instagram. I bought this preset pack last year and have been using it for my Instagram ever since! It has been an absolute game changer! My feed's been upgraded to a whole new level and i'm in LOVE! I love how stunning it makes my pictures look, enhancing the colors beautifully with the perfect amount of brightness and dreamy tones. I've gotten so many compliments on my feed, I really can't recommend her presets enough!


After discovering Kelsey on Instagram i absolutely fell in love with her aesthetic, personality, photos and presets.
So having never used presets before i decided to buy this bundle so i could have more options at once.
The presets work so well on camera and iphone photos. The quality is superb and they enhance the photos to a new level. Which is great for anyone who wants to make a color themed aesthetic feed or just make their photos stand out more.
Only few times i adjusted the light after using the preset. But that is because of the different light i took the photos in.
If you are not sure which preset from Kelsey to start with I recommend getting any of these bundles and once you are more comfortable you can get the rest that you like :)


Kelsey's a game changer in this industry. So many women talk about helping others and how there's so much room for everyone but only a few truly walk the talk and are actually supportive and friendly online. She's one of the very few. These presets – which she was kind enough to share to the community – made life so much easier for people like me who don't have extensive design and photo editing knowledge. I could spend hours tinkering with Lightroom but I would never get these exact settings to work on every photo. Her presets save me time and were such a success for my feed which has never looked as put together as it does now. Thanks, Kelsey!