Autumn Preset Pack

The Autumn preset pack will give your images a crisp warm orange-hued glow to your photos. When applied, this preset magically turns green trees into beautiful burnt orange trees, making a perfect Autumnal background for your photos. This pack includes 5 presets to help you achieve your desired edit.

Please note: if you have green hair (awesome!) or are wearing a green item of clothing in your photo, this preset will change it to an orange/yellow hue.

 What's Included: 

♡ 5 x Lightroom Presets
♡ Mobile + Desktop Files
♡ Easy editing in just one click!
♡ Use on the free Lightroom mobile app
♡ Compatible with both iPhone + Android
♡ Pay once, use forever
♡ Easy Installation Guide
Only one minute to install on mobile or desktop!
♡ Technical Support Access

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love it!

Oh Kelsey, this is beautiful 🤍 i love how warm the tones are. I did have to tweak it here and there because some of the tones come too intense, but it was a simple tweak on LightRoom. Thanks a lot for this!

Sharp, Crisp, Autumnal Vibes

I love this preset. It makes my photos so bright and colourful, crisp and vibrant warm colours of yellow, red, browns and muted greens. Definitely bringing beautiful magical sunset vibes to your pictures - perfect for the autumn season.

Paulina Kerner
The best for Sunsets!

I love this preset not only for Fall pictures but also for Sunsets! I’m hooked with all of Kelsey’s presets!


I am obsessed with autumn colours and the autumn presets not only enhanced my photos taken in the fall but also added an autumnal vibe to photos taken when the colours hadn’t quite changed yet giving my feed a consistent autumn look which became some of my most engaged posts of 2020 including a feature with Hidden Scotland. These presets worked equally well on photos taken on my phone and professional camera and that is why I cannot recommend these presets more!

Annabelle Colin-Thome

When deciding to move to London, Kelsey became my only resource to know what to do when I got over here. I recently purchased her Autumn preset to help me achieve my favourite, orange/warm tones on my photos, and I'm so happy with how consistent my Instagram feed is/will be as I keep taking more photos. Kelsey has a download guide which made it easy, too. I'm hopeless with technology and I was surprised at how easy she made the download process! I've used this Autumn preset on photos of landscape AND photos with people - it does not turn people orange which is a WIN. If you want a warm tone to your photos, this is the best one I've found. I've bought a few here and there but Kelsey's are my favourite, and they're the cheapest.

Paydon Guernsey

I've followed Kelsey on Instagram for quite awhile now, and I've always loved how she filters her photos. I love taking photos when I'm out hiking, and the Autumn presets are perfect for adding the final touch to my photos for Instagram. I've bought a lot of presets over the last year or two, and Kelsey's are definitely my favorite! The presets are super flattering, and work on so many photos. A lot of presets I've tried in the past will leave me looking really orange or completely washed out, but I have not had this problem with any of the presets I've tried from Kelsey. The instructions she includes to help you download your files and put them onto light room are super easy to follow! Probably the easiest instructions I've ever gotten. Definitely recommend grabbing this set if you enjoy having a more autumn themed feed, or you take a lot of outdoor photos!

Giovanna Marmo

Perfect for fall! The name says it all but this DEF help you to bring a theme to your feed. My Autumn shots now look extra special and everything has a cohesive look. This is also great for highlighting sunsets. They are easy to install and Kelsey is super nice. I first did a test with my photos and then got three of her presets. I just can't get enough.

Danai Baouraki

Due to covid and the second lockdown in Czech republic we are not allowed to do much. But luckily we are allowed walks in parks and forests. So i decided to buy this preset to make the beautiful Autumn colors stand out more so that I can take nice photos on my walks. And wow the depth and range of colors that popped out with this preset and the warmth to the photo is just amazing!
So if you love autumn and want to make your photos pop with color for sure get this preset 🧡

Zahra Remtulla

This makes your pictures look like what you imagine autumn to like! It has the perfect colours for a beautiful fall feed and has really helped me up my insta game!! Defo recommend!

Abigail Vargas

My favorite for ever! This preset is perfect. Thank you for sharing this amazing quality bundles