Pink Preset Pack

The Pink Presets will add a beautiful hue of pink and warmth to your photos with a dreamy vintage feel. This pack includes 5 presets to help you achieve your desired edit.

 What's Included: 

♡ 5 x Lightroom Presets
♡ Mobile + Desktop Files
♡ Easy editing in just one click!
♡ Use on the free Lightroom mobile app
♡ Compatible with both iPhone + Android
♡ Pay once, use forever
♡ Easy Installation Guide
Only one minute to install on mobile or desktop!
♡ Technical Support Access

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Georgia Grace

I use the ‘pink’ preset all the time for my photos, it makes my feed look really tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Very happy and can’t wait to try more!

Chloe H.
Pink works for everything!

I’ve been using presets by Kelsey for almost two years now, I purchased the Pink collection first and instantly fell in love. They have completely changed my feed, my images are so much brighter, vibrant and interesting. I have had many compliments from friends followers about my feed. I would 100% recommend. The instructions are easy to follow and the presets are very easy to use. Since purchasing the Pink collection, I have gone onto purchase the Ibiza, Gold and Cool collections and each collection is different from one another, but work well next to each on the grid too. I hope to purchase presets by Kelsey again in the future :)

Taylor Trevino
Pink is great for everything

I have almost all of Kelsey’s presets and love every one of them! This particular set is so versatile! I highly recommend her presets and do not use anyone else’s anymore! The picture below is a before and after of Pink 3!

Great for holiday pictures!

I’ve used these on my holiday pictures last summer. They look so beautiful right now! Really love these presets from Kelsey, they’re my fave!

Lucy Taylor
Pretty Pink Preset!

I adore this preset, it’s really given my Instagram feed and blog content a lovely theme and I just adore the tone of it!
I purchased these in the hope of finally giving my Instagram a theme of some sort. I came across Presets by Kelsey on Instagram and instantly fell in love with them! It was so easy to purchase and download, you’re using a new theme within minutes of purchase, it’s so easy!


During the first lockdown I had a pink phrase, where I only cooked food with pink color. My only regret at this point is that I didn't have these presets back then. I purchased them recently and LOVE THEM


I own 4 Sets of Kelseys Presets and they all are so gorgeous and so easy to use. Kelsey is the only one I ever bought Presets from. The price for the presets is absoulut fair and of course I will buy them again . They look great in your feed and work so good.


I have had so many compliments with these presets on Instagram. It immediately transforms your photo and enhances everything. I have bought so many presets on Etsy, so many were disappointing...but still to this day, the presets of Kelsey are saved in Lightroom, ready to use. I love them 💕

Ashley Mistretta

I have several of Kelsey’s presets and this one is my favorite. One of them can make any picture look great! I use it on my own Instagram and on my Maltese, Nelson’s page. He looks great with a pink tint 😂

Mohd Azman Kholid

This is the best preset i can suggest. The guide is never been so easy. You want your picture to be elevated? Buy it now!